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I have been a bad blogger the last couple weeks. But in my defense I have had good reasons. First we went to Hilton head, Savannah and Tybee Island for a long weekend on my birthday 2 weeks ago. Then when we came home I was busy with a new project. Which is where Meet The Girls comes into play. We have been building a pen/house and preparing for a new project we have considered for several years now. We now have  11 chickens….laying hens to be exact. So meet the Girls…….

 Above is our 2 Buff Orpington’s and 2 Americauna’s. We decided to name them after candy… The Buff’s are Butterfinger and Reeses and the Americauna’s are Kit and Kat.

 This is one of our baby’s a Silkie named Snickers.

And this is another baby Silkie named Twix and a baby Barred Rock named Patty (Peppermint Patty)
We got the above 7 chickens last Saturday. Then on Monday we got 2 more – Partridge Rocks

The Partridge Rock’s are named Hershey and Joy (Almond Joy).
And now today we got 2 more – Rhode Island Red’s this time….

The RIR’s are Baby and Ruth.
Our 1st egg – from one of the Americauna’s.
Our first week of eggs from the ones laying. Some haven’t started laying yet and some just started – that’s why some of the eggs are a little small. It looks like Easter eggs in the bowl – we have blue green eggs from our Americauna’s and then some brown eggs and 1 almost pink tinted egg. 
We are having so much fun with our girls and they can be so funny – take these pictures for example…our babies sun bathing – they sort of roll over on their sides, spread out 1 wing and stretch out 1 foot. If I had just walked up on them doing that I would have thought they were broken lol. 

So now we have 11 chickens to care for and watch and spoil. So I will probably be blogging about them as well as some of my recipes.