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Meet Brynn and Moose

This is one of the absolute most inspirational young women. We could all learn from her.

Brynn’s Bubble

The Spoon Theory

I was talking to someone at church one day about 3 years ago and telling them about all my health issues. That person was the first one to say ‘Have you ever talked to the doctor about Fibromyalgia?’ I started my research that night and like many other people I thought Fibro just meant you had a lot of pain so the doctor lumped you into this category. At one time that may have been true, but not any longer.

Anyway, in my research I stumbled across this blog But You Don’t Look Sick. And on that blog was an article written by Christine Miserandino aka The Spoon Lady (Just search her on google, she’s everywhere). The article was about her struggles with Lupus, she calls it The Spoon Theory and it struck a chord with me. In fact it was me, I just don’t have Lupus. I do however have Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. So I feel her pain and her rapid energy depletion and many other things she feels. Anyway…go check it out. Even if you don’t have Fibro, CFS, Lupus, Lyme disease, osteoarthritis, mast cell disease, POTS, etc and so on. I can promise you that you probably know someone with an invisible illness. This article just might help you understand them better.

The Spoon Theory

Finally being heard!

I was just diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome about a year ago. But I have been living with constant pain and fatigue for most than 10 years. When I look back and I mean truly look back the first real indication something was not right that I can remember was in my early 20’s. I am in my mid 40’s now. So if I am being honest, I have been screaming someone help me, someone tell me I am not crazy, someone please tell me I am not alone for more than  years. But someone did finally hear me. I have a champion in my family doctor. He said something gas to be done and if this doctor won’t help you and won’t listen I’ll send you to another and another until one does.

So I am here to tell you that your battle may be as long as mine, longer or God willing shorter, but do not stop fighting and screaming and begging to be heard. If you have pain, fatigue, trouble sleep, trouble staying warm or cool or both, heartburn, GERD, frequent headaches, IBS, crazy periods and PMS and cramps, stiffness (and no it is not just in the morning), depression, mood swings, trouble falling asleep, trouble staying asleep, trouble sleeping period….I could go on and on because the symptoms are endless. My point is make sure you are heard and if the doctor you are seeing will not listen find someone who will.

And no I am not well. Each day is a new struggle, but I am working on it. And for now my Rheumatologist seems to be listening. My family doctor is impatient though and is almost ready to send me to someone else. He wants to see better results or more than just prescribing me something for the pain and something to help me sleep and giving me the horrible advice of ‘If you would lose some weight…’ If I could do more than 2 repetitions of any one exercise without feeling like I was breaking something vital off I would not be having my weight issues. If I could walk more than 10 minutes straight without feeling like I was just run over by a Mack truck I would not be looking at the doctor like he just lost his mind.

Please just don’t give up, keep notes, write down how you feel each day and what you did in case there is a trigger. Keep a log of what you eat, there could be something you find that makes you feel worse. I know I did, if I eat too many starchy foods like potatoes, pasta, corn I have more pain. Always wear layers in the winter and carry a light weight jacket in the summer if you have temperature sensitivities like I have. I even have a space heater in my office that does run during the hottest days of summer. The reason is that my desk sits directly under a air vent (and not there is nowhere to move it, I have a small office and 2 vents), the air vent above me is closed, but the air still comes down on me. In the mornings I freeze and then I hurt, so the heater gets turned on. In the winter it is usually the opposite, I burn up, so I wear layers and the bottom one is usually short sleeved.

I wish I could keep going. I have so much more I want to say. But working on my blog tonight has cost me my last spoon of the day. So I am done for the night.

My final thought or word of advice is do not give up, you are not alone. There are a ton of people who have been in your shoes and will happily give you support. Just search for them on Facebook and google. And if  anyone reads this post who has a loved one with pain and fatigue. Please do not tell them what they should eat, to exercise more or any other well meaning thing. Just offer to be their rock and to help them on days they feel they cannot take 1 more step. And whatever you do never, ever use the phrase ‘we all have pain or we all get tired’. Trust me what they feel is not just tired and it is not just pain.

God Bless!



I have been a bad blogger the last couple weeks. But in my defense I have had good reasons. First we went to Hilton head, Savannah and Tybee Island for a long weekend on my birthday 2 weeks ago. Then when we came home I was busy with a new project. Which is where Meet The Girls comes into play. We have been building a pen/house and preparing for a new project we have considered for several years now. We now have  11 chickens….laying hens to be exact. So meet the Girls…….

 Above is our 2 Buff Orpington’s and 2 Americauna’s. We decided to name them after candy… The Buff’s are Butterfinger and Reeses and the Americauna’s are Kit and Kat.

 This is one of our baby’s a Silkie named Snickers.

And this is another baby Silkie named Twix and a baby Barred Rock named Patty (Peppermint Patty)
We got the above 7 chickens last Saturday. Then on Monday we got 2 more – Partridge Rocks

The Partridge Rock’s are named Hershey and Joy (Almond Joy).
And now today we got 2 more – Rhode Island Red’s this time….

The RIR’s are Baby and Ruth.
Our 1st egg – from one of the Americauna’s.
Our first week of eggs from the ones laying. Some haven’t started laying yet and some just started – that’s why some of the eggs are a little small. It looks like Easter eggs in the bowl – we have blue green eggs from our Americauna’s and then some brown eggs and 1 almost pink tinted egg. 
We are having so much fun with our girls and they can be so funny – take these pictures for example…our babies sun bathing – they sort of roll over on their sides, spread out 1 wing and stretch out 1 foot. If I had just walked up on them doing that I would have thought they were broken lol. 

So now we have 11 chickens to care for and watch and spoil. So I will probably be blogging about them as well as some of my recipes. 




This is my favorite go to when I need lunch on a work day. The Pot Belly Deli in Clemson has some great food and a large selection of diet friendly food. One of my fave go to lunches is the Greek salad with grilled chicken and for dressing I suggest with the House Vinaigrette or the fat free sun dried tomato basil vinaigrette. The salad has green leaf lettuce, tomatoes, alfalfa sprouts, cucumbers, red onions (I remove these), kalamata olives, pepper rings and feta. Basically everything you would expect in a Greek salad. PBD has specials every day so if you plan to try it out call for the specials and ask to join their email list to get the specials daily, or go to the website and to Daily Specials and send them email asking to join the mailing list.
Today’s Greek Salad had the fat free sun dried tomato dressing…It was YUM.


I wish I had time every morning to have a good breakfast like this. But on days I work I just cannot drag myself out of bed to do it. And my stomach does not like eating that early. I usually have to be up at least an hour before I can eat breakfast. This morning I had 2 eggs over medium (using my favorite egg skillet), some tomato wedges and a hand full of red seedless grapes. Not a bad start to my day and look at those perfectly round eggs.