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I have been a bad blogger the last couple weeks. But in my defense I have had good reasons. First we went to Hilton head, Savannah and Tybee Island for a long weekend on my birthday 2 weeks ago. Then when we came home I was busy with a new project. Which is where Meet The Girls comes into play. We have been building a pen/house and preparing for a new project we have considered for several years now. We now have  11 chickens….laying hens to be exact. So meet the Girls…….

 Above is our 2 Buff Orpington’s and 2 Americauna’s. We decided to name them after candy… The Buff’s are Butterfinger and Reeses and the Americauna’s are Kit and Kat.

 This is one of our baby’s a Silkie named Snickers.

And this is another baby Silkie named Twix and a baby Barred Rock named Patty (Peppermint Patty)
We got the above 7 chickens last Saturday. Then on Monday we got 2 more – Partridge Rocks

The Partridge Rock’s are named Hershey and Joy (Almond Joy).
And now today we got 2 more – Rhode Island Red’s this time….

The RIR’s are Baby and Ruth.
Our 1st egg – from one of the Americauna’s.
Our first week of eggs from the ones laying. Some haven’t started laying yet and some just started – that’s why some of the eggs are a little small. It looks like Easter eggs in the bowl – we have blue green eggs from our Americauna’s and then some brown eggs and 1 almost pink tinted egg. 
We are having so much fun with our girls and they can be so funny – take these pictures for example…our babies sun bathing – they sort of roll over on their sides, spread out 1 wing and stretch out 1 foot. If I had just walked up on them doing that I would have thought they were broken lol. 

So now we have 11 chickens to care for and watch and spoil. So I will probably be blogging about them as well as some of my recipes. 




This is my favorite go to when I need lunch on a work day. The Pot Belly Deli in Clemson has some great food and a large selection of diet friendly food. One of my fave go to lunches is the Greek salad with grilled chicken and for dressing I suggest with the House Vinaigrette or the fat free sun dried tomato basil vinaigrette. The salad has green leaf lettuce, tomatoes, alfalfa sprouts, cucumbers, red onions (I remove these), kalamata olives, pepper rings and feta. Basically everything you would expect in a Greek salad. PBD has specials every day so if you plan to try it out call for the specials and ask to join their email list to get the specials daily, or go to the website and to Daily Specials and send them email asking to join the mailing list.
Today’s Greek Salad had the fat free sun dried tomato dressing…It was YUM.