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Meet Brynn and Moose

This is one of the absolute most inspirational young women. We could all learn from her.

Brynn’s Bubble

The Spoon Theory

I was talking to someone at church one day about 3 years ago and telling them about all my health issues. That person was the first one to say ‘Have you ever talked to the doctor about Fibromyalgia?’ I started my research that night and like many other people I thought Fibro just meant you had a lot of pain so the doctor lumped you into this category. At one time that may have been true, but not any longer.

Anyway, in my research I stumbled across this blog But You Don’t Look Sick. And on that blog was an article written by┬áChristine Miserandino aka The Spoon Lady (Just search her on google, she’s everywhere). The article was about her struggles with Lupus, she calls it The Spoon Theory and it struck a chord with me. In fact it was me, I just don’t have Lupus. I do however have Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. So I feel her pain and her rapid energy depletion and many other things she feels. Anyway…go check it out. Even if you don’t have Fibro, CFS, Lupus, Lyme disease, osteoarthritis, mast cell disease, POTS, etc and so on. I can promise you that you probably know someone with an invisible illness. This article just might help you understand them better.

The Spoon Theory