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Egg Skillet – 4.99 (have seen these almost everywhere – Wal-Mart, Target, K-Mart, etc)

This little pan is the perfect size to fry (with cooking spray) an egg. It makes perfect round eggs that fit just right on a sandwich round. They even fit pretty well on a piece of loaf bread. It also cooks the eggs perfect in my opinion because I like mine over medium (yep I like my yolk runny and my white done). I have yet to to have a broken yolk in this little pan, unlike our very expensive Calphalon non stick frying pan we used to cook eggs in. Also, it only takes a quick little spray with cooking spray and I promise your egg won’t stick. I’m thinking about buying one just a little larger to make omelets in.


GE Rocket – 19.88 at Wal-Mart

I love this blender. We use it mostly for our smoothies. I also use it to finely grind fresh Parmesan cheese for baked chicken and fish. The Rocket is very much like the Magic Bullet, but costs a lot less. It has become a permanent fixture on our counter.I highly recommend this blender if you have been thinking of getting the bullet or if you just like smoothies. But I also suggest you use it carefully and follow the instructions that come with it. I have seen people complain about the blender not holding up. I think most of them are either over filling the cups or are blending too long or often. There are very specific instructions on how long to blend and waiting between each blending.